Who i am?

Harry Ton Guyen

Hello to you, I welcome you on my site and I introduce myself to you with this page that summarizes my personal life, my work and my passions.

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My hobbies and passions


I like to travel all over the world, to discover new horizons, new traditions.

World History

I have always been passionate about the history of mankind, from prehistory to the present day.

Hiking in the mountains

With my parents, and afterwards, I got used to love hiking and horseback riding.

China my country

My family comes from China, a wonderful country to live in. I go there twice a year

The 39/45 models

I build models of airplanes and warships, from the Second World War, I like very much the reports.

The kitchen

I love to cook, I even took cooking classes to share with my friends and family.